IJK Bearings

Since 1938, IJK (Inoue Jikuuke Kogyo) has been one of the leading manufacturers of small sized ball bearings, devoted to the manufacture of high quality bearings under the foundation of the advanced technology and the latest equipment in order to achieve superior production lines. This is especially true for their Super Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings, which has gained high reputation and strong trust of customers for its quality. IJK has various product groups specializing in producing the highest possible quality bearings to various industries. Specialized products are also available for production to meet the ever-changing needs of the users. IJK manufactures up to 75mm OD.

Market Segment

High quality bearings for precision motors meet the various needs of well-known electric appliance manufacturers. Besides this, IJK products are used in high-frequency Spindles on Grinding, VMC, HMC and CNC Machines, Servomotors, Pinch Rollers, the Machine Tools Industry, Cam Mechanism, Gyro, Gimbals and Rotors, Potentiometer etc.


IJK has gained qualifications such as QS9000, ISO 9001 and ISO14001. Additionally, IJK has been developing its quality, aiming at the highest level, while considering a harmony with the global environment.

Special Products

IJK manufactures of high precision specialised bearings that are created using advanced product designs, cutting-edge production technologies and latest facilities.

Product Range

Since its inception in 1938, IJK's focus has been on developing and manufacturing high-precision and specialized products that cannot be produced by any other companies to meet the changing times and varying needs of customers.

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Our partnership with various accredited national and international brands ensure high quality and reliability of products and services to our customers.

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